WalkHero x PAPLUS Low Cut Athletic Socks 2-Pairs


Crafted with our original designs, this sneaker is born for complete foot pain relief and lasting comfort.

Color: Black
Size: M
180-Day Wear Test and Money Back Guarantee


This sneaker stands as our top-selling shoes, a must-have for those engaged in prolonged periods of standing or walking. We designed it with advanced biomechanics and cutting-edge technology, to achieve a new level of comfort and support on the feet. You’ll get stronger stability and balance during daily activities. Indulge in extra comfort without pain in arches, heels, ankles, knees, back, and more.


Upper: Air Mesh and Durable Leather maximize fit, comfort, and protection.
Insoles (removable) : Orthotic function inside guarantees all-day support.
Midsole: Lightweight Foam
Outsole: Durable rubber is non-slip.
Width: Medium (D)
Weight: 288.8 Grams
Origin: Designed with American ingenuity, manufactured in Asia.


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Q1: What is Arch Support?

A: Arch support provides proper support for the bottom of the foot to reduce or even eliminate pain. Based on extensive data collection and human anatomical expertise, Preferable Arch Support is engineered into every pair of WalkHero shoes. Guarantee superior comfort and light-wearing experiences for people suffering from Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Heel Spur, etc.

Q2: What’s the Cushioning of sneakers?

A: A shoe’s cushioning is to make the floor-to-ceiling contact as gradual as possible in order to minimize the inevitable impact on feet. To achieve just the right amount of cushioning, we engineered sneakers with arch-support insoles, lightweight foam midsoles, and rubber outsoles. Ergonomic expertise and technology are followed at every step, creating a nice balance of bounce and protection.

Q3: How to choose the right size for walkhero sneakers?

A: To ensure optimum comfort with your sneakers, we suggest you choose a size bigger than your usual size. There should be 0.4" between your toe and the end of your shoe as your feet will swell during exercise. Please read the Size Guide beside size chart if you need more details.

Q4: How to care for my shoes?

A: By the simple way, you can clean the outside of sneakers with a soaked cloth or brush, the insole is removable and machine washable. But Attention! Don’t use machine wash for the whole shoe. Follow the detailed Product Care step by step if you need it.

Q5: Do I need some time to adapt the arch-support shoes?

A: That’s dependent on personal situation. It’s normal that you may need a short adaption period if you wear these shoes for the first time. The shoes with anatomical and ergonomic designs are different from common others, they offer a new level of plantar support to achieve premium orthotic functions. Reduce foot pressure and relieve plaguing pain so that you can hold ultimate comfort after adaption.

Q6: Does WalkHero Have any coupons or discounts?

A: Two ways you can get extra discounts. First, we offer limited-time coupons by email once or twice a week, the discount is up to 15% and valid for 1-2 days. Subscribe to WalkHero emails to not miss the newest. Second, Submit Reviews online after purchase for discounts varying from 25% to 35%, and valid for a year. Submit a review with videos for 35% off, do it with photos or for 30% off, and just review for 25% off. In addition, submit a review and link to your social platform for 30% off.

Q7: Are there any Replacement Insoles selling?

A: Yes, there are also several Orthotic Insoles with arch support selling on the WALKHERO Website. You can find them in the top or tail navigation and purchase them for convenient replacement as your wish.

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Color: Black
Size: M