Arthritis is an umbrella term that refers to pain and other issues within your joints. Given that there are many different types of arthritis, not to mention a great deal of variation in what arthritis symptoms manifest in individual arthritic patients. What we have done is to create collections of arthritis shoes for men and women that will accommodate the most common arthritis symptoms.

Most types of arthritis are defined by a common array of symptoms that affect your joints. These symptoms include pain, stiffness, and decreased mobility. Maximum support is paramount for easing pain in people with arthritis. The more support a shoe provides, the less work the foot does with every single step.

The best arthritis shoes will feature proper arch support and progressive shock absorption that decrease foot joint strain, thus helping to prevent new damage and subsequent new inflammation. It is also imperative that rheumatoid arthritis shoes provide a roomy fit, especially in the toe box, as pressure points in a shoe's fit can be excruciating for already tender arthritic feet.


"I bought four pairs of shoes that all said they were good for arthritis or foot pain. This pair is the only pair that stayed comfortable after a few wears. I love these shoes and will recommend them to everyone. I have arthritis in my big toe that aches with normal walking and plantar fasciitis. I have upped my walking to 3-5 miles a day because of these shoes. I love them!!" - Karla Aragon

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