WALKHERO shoes with arch support for men are designed to help support natural alignment for your feet. The comfort of our arches is the foundation of our daily walking.

The outline, position, and height of arch support shoes are aligned appropriately to help support our bodies from the ground. Hence, supporting the arch in the proper place is crucial. Whether you have flat feet, high arches, or something in between, you can get the support you need for healthy feet. Feel the difference in men's shoes, and provide incredible support every step of the way!

Our men's shoes with arch support are proven to help relieve plantar fasciitis and common heel/arch pain. In addition, it helps to support natural alignment, relieving strain on your knees hips, and back.

Try one of these men's supportive styles today, and step into Pain Relief Beyond Belief.


"I was seeking a supportive shoe that didn’t look like the quintessential “dad shoe,” and this shoe is fit for that and looks good for everyday work and leisure. As a heavy man, I abuse shoes with a lot of prolonged and frequent standing and walking. These shoes support well; not too harsh on the longitudinal arch in standing, and feels reactive to stepping, especially with heel strike. I generally don’t get much more than about 6 months out of shoes, and going on 3 months, these are wearing better than others I’ve recently had especially the outsole and areas that tend to fail like the sides of the flexing point on the top of the shoe/toe box. Overall, I would purchase again." - Wayne.

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