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Best Supportive Slip-on Sneakers for Women, According to Podiatrists

Best Supportive Slip-on Sneakers for Women, According to Podiatrists

, by Edmond Elsina, 8 min reading time

Best Supportive Slip-on Sneakers for Women

Whether you're looking for a pair of supportive slip-on sneakers that will withstand a gym workout, they are comfortable enough to carry you from errand to errand on a Sunday. But still be cute enough to wear with a sundress for brunch. Or ones that can easily to taken on and off at airport security, stylish slip-on sneakers have got your back (errr...feet). They are supportive, versatile, and comfortable, meaning there is sure to be a pair that goes with whatever outfit and activity you have in the WALKHERO store.

According to the podiatrist, Najwa Javed, DPM, founder of E'MAR Italy, a line of comfortable high heels, if you are looking for a stylish slip-on sneaker that has good support, you should "make sure the sole is stiff, which will help with keeping the arch of the foot stable and not allow for added heel and foot pressure."

How can you assess the stiffness of your soles? "Hold the shoe and make sure it does not bend or twist easily, which would cause the lower leg tendons to overwork and strain," says Dr. Javed. Her other advice: "Look for a shoe with a heel counter [a small plastic insert located along the back seam of the shoe] that is stiff so that it can support your ankle. It can prevent you from slipping out of the shoe, and keep your toes from gripping to hard, causing corns."

For the perfect combination of fashion and function, scroll down to see the best podiatrist-approved, stylish and supportive slip-on sneakers for women to buy right now.


What to Look for in Supportive Slip-On Sneakers


In the past, slip-on sneakers weren’t exceptionally comfortable. Many were flat, had thin insoles, and were too narrow for people with standard and wide feet. You would be glad that WALKHERO has improved slip-on sneakers and made them more comfortable and accessible to all.

These days, many supportive slip-on sneakers have thicker midsoles. It allows you to wear them all day while running errands, on intermediate hikes, or during long walks. Insoles have also been improved by us. And we made more slip-on shoes outfitted with Orthotic insoles, memory foam, or footbeds designed, specifically with arch support and comfort in mind.

While many slip-on shoes were traditionally narrow, we understand that this design choice excludes people with standard and wide feet. Luckily, you can easily find a wide range of slip-on shoes with spacious toe areas or the option of a wide fit.

Our biggest concern with slip-on shoes is the material around the heel. Blister formation can occur if the slip-on shoe is too big or too tight. Or if the shoe’s breathability is poor, which causes sweat and humidity that results in a blister. Because many slip-on shoes don’t require socks, your chances of a blister may be a bit higher with these shoes.

Some materials used around the heel are better than others. For instance, WALKHERO slip-on series have soft memory foam-like material in the built-in insoles that don’t rub against your foot. Surprisingly, the sneaker’s canvas material was also soft. We found that slip-on shoes with heels that have plastic or leather-like material or heels that have bumps (the idea is that the bump will prevent the shoe from sliding) weren’t as comfortable on our heels as others.


WALKHERO Slip-on shoes are diverse in their construction. Many slip-on shoes have uppers that extend farther up on the top of the foot to keep the shoe in place.

To get your foot in and out, the upper needs to have some stretch. It generally comes in the form of an elastic band, a stretchy mesh upper, or shoes with single-piece shock cords that can be loosened and stretched to fit your foot. WALKHERO is one of the brands on this list that flips the traditional slip-on shoe construction on its head with a heel that dips down so you can easily slip your foot in.

You’ll notice slip-on shoes often have pull tabs along the heel to help wearers pull the shoe on. All of the slip-on styles from WALKHERO have the tab on the top of the shoe, but it works the same way.


There is a wide range of slip-on styles from which to choose. Some are sportier than others and designed to appear as athletic sneakers or hiking shoes. However, for the most part, slip-on shoes are more casual in style. And they can be worn during your travels, grocery shopping, or out with friends. Some of the most common slip-on styles are the classic Vans look, espadrilles, clogs, high-top slip-on, boat shoes, and casual sneakers. The newest type to hit the shelves from WALKHERO is slip-on shoes with ‘drop heels,’ allowing you to wear them as a shoe or a mule.

Socks or no socks

You don’t necessarily have to wear socks with slip-on shoes when you use WALKHERO arch supports. In fact, you could probably go without socks for most of the slip-on shoes on the list. Wearing socks with a slip-on shoe usually depends on your style and preference. For instance, as a hiking/outdoors shoe, you’ll need to wear the Compression Athletic Crew Socks. However, clogs and espadrilles are two styles that typically do not require socks.

If you’re not going to wear socks, you want to look for slip-on shoes that are breathable. Such as those with mesh uppers, or have removable liners that are washable or treated with odor control. We understand that some people prefer to wear socks, no matter the shoe. And for those people, we suggest ordering a half-size larger to ensure you have plenty of room.


The Best Supportive Slip-on Sneakers for Women on the Go

#1 Best Classic Canvas Slip-on Sneakers with Arch Support

When we slipped our feet into the slip-on loafers, we couldn’t help but sigh. The cork-latex footbed is anatomically-shaped so that the arch is the right height for maximum support. While the molded heel improves gait and coordination. When we walked in these shoes, it felt like we were getting a massage on the bottom of our feet. But if you don’t like the footbed, you can remove it.

Some slip-on shoes are very narrow and pinch your toes together. Not the style. It has a slightly square shape around the toes that mimics the natural shape of your feet. Plus, it’s spacious enough to wear socks. In fact, we prefer to wear socks with these shoes because the heel is slightly larger than we need. But not enough to warrant a smaller size or a medium/narrow fit.

Perhaps our favorite design aspect is the "Drop-In Heel", which effectively drops down, allowing buyers to wear it as a slide or a shoe. We were surprised by how soft the fabric was against our heels when we wore it as a shoe. The thicker EVA outsole and the canvas exterior make this one of the best-looking shoes on this list.

Best for Arch Support: Canvas Slip-on Shoes

Shop Women's Canvas Slip-on Shoes with Arch Support


#2 Best for Arch Support: WALKHERO Canvas Loafers

This pair of supportive slip-on sneakers by WALKHERO is the perfect comfy pick for a more elevated look. The non-slip outsole adds stability to the sophisticated sneaker. While the elastic side panels make them easy to take on and off. Other features that make these the ideal choice for comfort are a luxe terry lining, a removable footbed and Pain-Relief technology, which uses foam cushioning that sculpts and conforms to the unique shape of your foot. The sneakers even include a hidden, 1-inch heel for a subtle added lift.

WALKHERO Canvas slip-on sneakers have built-in arch support to evenly distribute your weight for a more comfortable stride. Not only that, the lightweight rubber soles and cushioned footbeds absorb impact to help take pressure off your knees, calves, and ankles.

They look just as good when worn with casual jeans and leggings as they do with skirts and dresses. That versatility means you can cut down on the number of shoes you'll have to pack for a trip. Featuring elastic side panels for added comfort and easy slip-on, a sturdy textile upper and lining, and a rubber sole. These kicks will last through years of wear and tear.

Our testers found even more details to love. "I love the sleek look, perforated details, neutral color, cushioning, thick sole, and easy slip-on style," Associate Editorial Director of Travel Commerce Susan Brickell. "The luxe leather exterior makes them easy to dress up or down, but since they have a sportier feel, I paired them with cute jumpsuits, as well as with blouses and denim. They look much more expensive than they are."

Best for Arch Support: WALKHERO Canvas Loafers
Shop Women's Canvas Loafers with Arch Support

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