About WalkHero Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the WalkHero Affiliate program!

Earn commissions by driving traffic from your site to walkhero.com. All you have to do is feature links and banners that send customers to WALKHERO, and you'll make money on sales referred by your site.

By becoming an affiliate, you'll help WALKHERO reach a wider audience and make an awesome impression on those who visit your site. walkhero.com has the internet’s best selection of WALKHERO shoes, orthotic insoles, and socks, as well as expert advice for finding the right WALKHERO for your needs.

How Affiliate Program Works

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Step 1

Get tracking links and post on your site, platform etc

Step 2

Click on effective coupon links to make a purchase

Step 3

Get commission from any sales that are then made

Step 4

The Benefits of Working with Us


Up to 30% commission on sales 

Cookie Length

30-day cookie duration


Variety of updated creative banners and links


Real-time account manager

How to Join Us
Our affiliate partners make it super simple:
1. Sign up for the ShareASale platform, and your affiliate manager will walk you through the process. 
2. You can also email us at winggood@walkhero.com if you have any other questions.