As teachers, we're on our feet constantly, which is why having comfortable shoes in this profession is an absolute must. Whether you're standing in front of the board, commuting to the school, or rushing in and out of classrooms, teachers need shoes that are supportive, well-cushioned, durable, and breathable. These basic features will make your workday go far quicker, and will ensure you can teach to the best of your ability because you're not suffering from aching feet, blisters, and discomfort!

At WALKHERO, we balance ample cushion and unparalleled support to protect your feet and deliver all-day comfort. It starts with our highest-performing midsole, which uses lightweight materials for a smooth stride that won’t weigh you down. Even better, the patented design of cushions and cups your heels as you move, dynamically flexing to redirect force and protect you. Orthotic insoles help you get the perfect fit, as premium EVA materials actually mold to the shape of your feet as your break in your new WALKHEROs.

WALKHERO has also considered a range of different men's styles to fit your school's dress code and your own personal preference.

"I am a teacher. I have semi-flat foot problems and I give these shoes 5 stars because it is quite comfortable and the adjustment system at your feet is wonderful, you do not need to do anything else for you to use it, and also the ease that they offer you in changing the product if necessary, I am very satisfied with this product. Thanks a lot." -

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