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Best Women's Slippers With Arch Support of 2022, According To Podiatrists

Best Women's Slippers With Arch Support of 2022, According To Podiatrists

, by Edmond Elsina, 7 min reading time

Best Women's Slippers With Arch Support

If you're working out or standing all day at work, your feet can certainly take a beating. It makes it more important than ever to invest in a comfortable pair of best women slippers with arch support that help your body to recover.

And if you're working from home, you might be looking for the perfect house shoe to help to absorb shock from walking on hard, flat floors that won't leave your feet sweating like crazy during summer or cold during winter.

But, if your current at-home shoe choice is no shoes at all, you might want to rethink your barefoot preference. "You want to always wear slippers in the house," says New York City-based podiatrist Hillary Brenner, D.P.M. When you wear a supportive pair of slippers, they can help with shock absorption on hard surfaces. Including wood floors, tile, and marble, to reduce strain on your joints, she explains. What's more, house shoes protect your feet from potential forgeign objects such as splinters and glass. "It is especially important for people with diabetes [specifically diabetic patients with neuropathy] to wear slippers as they can step on a foreign object and not even know."

And just like with your dress shoes and sneakers, there are side effects of wearing ill-fitting slippers. When shopping for a slipper for women, you want to look for qualities such as a platform base, deep heel cup for stability, good arch support to reduce foot pain that comes with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, and a firm yet flexible midsole to help with balance, advises Dr. Brenner. "If you wear flimsy slippers that don't fit properly, the opposite can happen. For example, instability, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and irritation of bunion and hammertoes," she warns. 

What Are the Most Comfortable Slippers to Wear?

While every slipper is different, but there are several factors that will help determine if it's supportive and comfortable. Generally speaking, it's best to opt for shoes that offer cushioning, whether that be in the sole, lining, or footbed. Some of the most comfortable flip-flops, slides, and heels are built with contoured footbeds. It will mold to your unique arch shape.

Other important details to look out for include rubber soles, which ensure a sturdy and stabilizing stride. and antimicrobial footbeds to repel odors and bacteria. Fans of closed-toe and strappy sandals should check that the upper of their chosen shoe is soft and stretchy and thus won't restrict natural movement. And if you have a wide-set foot, choose slippers with an adjustable strap so you can customize the fit.

Now that you have a little more information guiding your search. Explore some of the best slippers with arch support slippers that you can buy online below.

Our Top Picks

#1 Women's Canvas Slippers with Arch Support

Comfort doesn’t need to come at the price of sacrificing style. The women’s slippers with arch support for plantar fasciitis make them easy to wear and take off. The slip-on style of these bedroom slippers can relax your feet and reduce pain by offering ergonomic arch support. They also feature an anti-slip textured indoor outdoor rubber sole which guarantees excellent traction and durability. So you can undertake all your activities at home without compromising on safety. Premium grade memory foam cushions every step you take. And it can offer remedial action to swollen feet, wide feet, and diabetic feet.

Best Women's Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

Shop Women's Canvas Slippers with Arch Support


#2 Women's Suede Slippers with Arch Support

When on the hunt for the best slipper with arch support, don't overlook podiatrist-approved Birkenstocks. These slips feature WalkHero's signature cork latex footbed, a soft suede upper, and a shearling footbed and lined strap to keep your feet toasty. Just like other classic slippers, the great thing about these house shoes. They help you stay comfortable for hours on end thanks to a deep heel cup, arch support, and toe grip (raised indentations at the front of the footbed near the toes).  So toes can spread out in their natural position.

What Customers Say: "One shopper, who shared that they use their Birkenstocks primarily as slippers, said they have "great arch support" and warm shearling lining to boot. They added that these are their second pair after it took them "four years of almost daily use" to wear out the first."

Best Women's Suede Slippers for Wide Toe Box

Shop Women's Suede Slippers with Arch Support


#3 Women's Stretch Slippers with Arch Support

If you're in the market for something sporty yet comfortable, check out these slippers from Nike. They are lined with cozy fleece, have a soft foam midsole that feels like stepping into a marshmallow. And it features an anti-slip outsole with traction pattern for outside wear. Plus, the zipper pocket on the top lets you stash small items. Such as keys or cash, if you're heading out to walk the dog or make a grocery store run and don't want to carry a purse.

What Customers Say: One new mom reported that these comfortable and supportive slippers "run true to size and feel like you're walking on memory foam." The fleece interior kept their feet warm in their cooler-climate hometown and the "marshmallow foam soal is by far the best thing about this slipper," they added.

Women's Stretch Slippers for Swollen Feet

Shop Women's Stretch Slippers with Arch Support


#4 Women's Swift Slippers with Arch Support 

This platform sandal-slipper delivers style and comfort. Thanks to arch support, a deep heel cup (which helps cradle your foot if walking long distances or standing all day). And a furry material that's soft against your skin. And because they're indoor- and outdoor-friendly, these slippers are machine-washable, making cleaning them a breeze. Just because they're cheap doesn't mean they're not healthy for your feet: Shoppers with foot issues (such as arthritisbunions, and plantar fasciitis) said they exceed expectations, and that they even seem to be an excellent, affordable dupe for Vionic's Relax slippers (mentioned earlier in this list) and offer great support at a fraction of the price.

What Customers Say: Tons of reviewers love these moccasin slippers for being comfy and cushy, but one, in particular, mentioned that the "ankle wrap keeps out the cold," while they are "great at wicking moisture too."

Women's Swift Slippers with Arch Support



#5 Women's Adjustable Flip Flops with Arch Support

Equipped with a supportive hook-and-loop strap, this adjustable sandal has an innovative three-point adjustability system to ensure a comfortable fit for every foot shape. Its molded footbed and Receptor-aligned footbed allows the shoe to mirror your movements. And it cushions the nerve receptors in your foot to reduce muscle fatigue. Not to mention that it has a breathable microfiber lining, which will keep you cool and dry.

What Customers Say: "These are extremely comfortable out of the box," one reviewer wrote. "I wore them on a 40-minute hike and no blisters. All that velcro really makes a difference."

Women's Adjustable and Supportive Flip Flops for Knee Pain

Shop Women's Adjustable Flip Flops with Arch Support


#6 Women's Orthotic Flip Flops with Arch Support

Constructed from durable, outdoor-friendly leather, this sandal offers premium arch support with its microfiber lining. And layered foam footbed molds to the contours of your foot. The sole is made of rubber and features non-marking forefoot traction pods. It was guaranteeing stability and comfort while you're out and about.

What Customers Say: "I have back issues but I can wear these all day shopping or to an amusement park with no issues," said one reviewer. "The quality is awesome."

Women's Orthotic Flip Flops for Foot Pain

 Shop Women's Orthotic Flip Flops with Arch Support

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