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The 6 Best Slip-On Arch Support Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The 6 Best Slip-On Arch Support Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

, by Edmond Elsina, 9 min reading time

Best Slip-On Arch Support Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The best slip-on arch support shoes for plantar fasciitis are crucial no matter where you are or what you're doing. But it's essential when you're on a trip and don't have easy access to all your other shoes. Whether your travel plans involve sightseeing, padding around a resort, or speed-walking through the airport, you'll be glad to have stylish slip-on sneakers with arch support for plantar fasciitis as you walk or stand.

"Arch support prevents the arch from collapsing and reduces the risk of foot pain," says Marion Yau, an award-winning celebrity podiatrist in the UK. Additionally, supportive footwear helps align your feet and balance your stride. It can minimize strain on the ankles and knees while keeping injuries at bay, according to studies.

And don't worry — you don't have to sacrifice style in the name of foot health. To cover all the bases, we rounded up lots of stylish, comfy kicks with contoured insoles that support the arches. They are supportive, versatile and comfortable, which means that there is sure to be a pair that goes with whatever outfit and activity you have in our store.


What to look for in the best slip-ons with arch support

Whether you have flat feet, high arches, or flexible feet, supportive footwear can help reduce your risk of these foot issues and make walking more comfortable in general.

However, Dr. Splichal says that people who experience foot pain may actually benefit from wearing minimalist shoes because they help strengthen the feet and arches. Sensory stimulation, like rolling your feet with a ball, can help release trigger points and enhance foot grip, improving the overall strength of your feet.

  • When shopping for arch support shoes for flat feet, Dr. Sutera recommends pairs that offer support and stability from a rigid device to help hold up the arch.

“Rigid devices would include insoles, orthotics, arch support and shoe gear that are overall stiffer than their very cushioned and flexible counterparts. The flexibility/rigidity of insoles, orthotics and shoe gear varies,” she explains.

  • Meanwhile, people with high arches looking for arch support can benefit more from choosing shoes with more flexible and cushioned insoles to help absorb shock.

In terms of the level of arch support you require, you’re going to have to test out a couple of pairs to figure out the perfect version for you.

“My advice is to choose shoes that are comfortable and feel good,” Dr. Sutera says. “Look for excessive signs of wear and also arches that bulge. If you see this, you may not have enough support. It would also be a good idea to get the opinion of your podiatrist who can prescribe and make custom molded devices. If necessary, and can also evaluate your current insoles and shoes.”

Ready to shop? Here are the 6 best arch support slip-ons for plantar fasciitis, including cute shoes with arch support.


 Our Top Picks

#1 Best Slip-On Arch Support Shoes

You’ll find WALKHERO signature memory foam footbed with arch support in these stylish slip-ons. They are great for everything from running errands to traveling. Their wide toe box makes them a versatile pick for anyone dealing with bunions and hammertoes. And the 1.88-inch platform gives you a bit of a lift with zero drops. They have a leathery look that makes them great to dress up or down, but also feature a covered EVA orthotic insert to provide comfortable arch support. Plus, these cute shoes with arch support are made of eco-conscious materials. What's more, with each purchase, one tree will be donated to one day’s worth of meals to a child in need.

What reviewers say: “I stand a lot for work, and I can hardly ever wear any shoes without socks because they cut into my feet. I thought I would give these a try, and I’m honestly blown away by the quality. They are so comfortable!”

Best Slip-On Arch Support Shoes

Shop Men's Canvas Slip-on Shoes with Arch Support


#2 Best For Vacationing

Known for its slides, WALKHERO also makes great casual shoes. This slip-on features our brand's signature collapsible heel and breathable mesh upper. We recommend making these your dedicated vacation shoes.

What reviewers say: "These shoes are really comfortable from day one. Squishy even, yet has nice arch support. Having neuropathy in my toes, so I don’t like tight shoes. Then I tried these since the uppers are flexible when I go for a trip with our family. "

Best For Vacationing

Shop Men's Mesh Slip-on Shoes with Arch Support


#3 Best Arch Support Shoes for Work

Slip-ons can even look good at the office. Take this option from us, which has the aesthetics of a loafer combined with a sneaker outsole for maximum style and comfort.

The classically cool design flaunts monochrome leather and nubuck uppers with Houndstooth lining detailing for a hint of texture. You can choose from several colors, including dark brown, black and light brown. As for the outsoles, you're looking at durable-yet-flexible rubber with patterned tread for a sturdy stride.

WALKHERO was founded by a podiatrist, and it shows. Like all footwear styles from the brand, this slip-on shoe features built-in orthotics. It means the footbeds are designed to reduce pain and optimize comfort. In addition to top-tier arch support, the removable, fabric-covered EVA (elastomeric polymer) insoles have deep heel cups and cushioning throughout.

But that's not all. Elastic gore panels and heel tabs make these casual sneakers super easy to get on and off. The leather is a breeze to wipe clean, too. One thing to note is that it may take a day or two to break in the material, so you might want to wear them for a few hours a day leading up to your trip.

What reviewers say: "These versatile slip-ons have easy-to-clean leather uppers, durable rubber soles, and thoughtfully engineered footbeds with arch support and deep heel cups. "

Best Arch Support Shoes for Work

Shop Men's Leather Slip-on Shoes with Arch Support


#4 These easy-wearing slip-ons

Specifically created for those with low arches and flat feet, this slip-on casual shoes has molded arch support to help prevent aches and pains. They're made of a knit mesh that allows your toes to breathe. And specially feels more like a sock than a shoe. Plus, they're easy to slide on as you run out the door—no lacing up required.

What's more, WALKHERO's Pain-Relief Technology responds to your movement to optimize comfort with every stride. The stretchy, sock-like mesh uppers offer breathability while making it easy to slip these sneakers on. You can also machine-wash them as needed. But since they have a somewhat snug fit, you might want to order a half-size up. Especially, if you plan to wear them with socks.

What reviewers say: Known to fit “even the most finicky of feet,” these sneakers offer “awesome comfort.” One reviewer owns four pairs, and according to another, “It feels like you don't even have shoes on.”

This Easy-wearing Slip-on Shoes with Arch Support

Shop Men's Stretch Fabric Shoes with Arch Support


 #5 Best For Walking

This wear-anywhere shoe boasts memory foam insoles with deep heel cups and built-in arch support, plus thick-yet-flexible rubber outsoles with traction underfoot. Additionally, the padded collar cushions your forefoot, while the stretchy gore panels make them easy to get on and off. Available in six colors options, these stylish slip-on are also insanely fit for afternoon tea and any other occasions.

The lightweight design is not only extra comfortable but conveniently packable as well. Available in more than two dozen styles including solid colors, prints, and various texture. The style is sure to complement your personal aesthetic at the same time. The only downside our testers mentioned is that the synthetic uppers could make your feet breathable, so they must be ideal for hotter climates.

What reviewers say: "I like that this shoe fits comfortably and hugs my feet, providing a safe fit. I had bunion surgery and also broke my leg, which leaves me having to adjust my balance. I like the safety it brings. Getting the right size is important, too, in order to have a good grip."

Women's Canvas Loafers with Arch Support for Walking

Shop Women's Canvas Loafers with Arch Support


#6 Best Slip-On Arch Support Sneaker for Plantar Fasciitis

This slip-on sneaker is comfortable and stylish for walking, running errands and chilling at home. It featurs a memory foam insole that adapts to the wearer’s foot. “WALKHERO shoes are known for having wide toe boxes—a shoe with a huge benefit for individuals—and athletes—with a wide forefoot,” says Dr. Brief.

Dr. Krawetz agrees, adding that the wide toe box is helpful for those with hammertoe as well. Plus? “If you have a bunion or bunionette, which is a bunion on your ‘small toe,’ or 5th metatarsal, this is a good shoe to look into,” he says.

WALKHERO is also known for making “zero-drop” shoes, meaning that the heel and forefoot are at an equal distance from the ground. “The zero-drop feature encourages a midfoot strike during the gait cycle, which can help with better posture and alignment of the spine,” says Dr. Brief.

What reviewers say: According to reviews, "the slip-on sneakers are reasonably comfortable. Those with wide feet were surprised by how well their foot fit in these shoes. In fact, if you have narrow or standard-sized feet, you may need to go a half size smaller. Many reviewers recounted wearing these slip-ons on all-day excursions to amusement parks and in cities abroad and raved about their comfort. "

Best Slip-On Arch Support Sneaker for Plantar Fasciitis

Shop Women's Canvas Slip-on Shoes with Arch Support

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