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The 6 Best Slippers With Arch Support for Tired Feet

The 6 Best Slippers With Arch Support for Tired Feet

, by Edmond Elsina, 8 min reading time

Best Slippers With Arch Support for Tired Feet

Whether you wear best slippers with arch support for tired feet in the evening, or all day as you work from home, chances are a pair of comfortable slippers is part of your footwear collection. As with any other shoes that see daily wear, it’s worth finding a pair that’s cozy, supportive and durable. Hence, see our top 6 picks based on our experience and customer reviews.

You'd expect that the shift to remote working during the pandemic has been good for our feet, as we've traded in high heels and stiff loafers for cozy socks. But not so fast, podiatrists say—especially if you don't have carpet in your house.

"Walking around in socks or barefooted on hardwood floors can cause a variety of foot issues due to lack of support, cushion and shock absorption," says Ashley Lee, D.P.M., FACFAS, a foot and ankle reconstructive surgeon at Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists near Chicago.

She adds that in spring 2020, when the world first locked down, she saw a huge influx in people complaining of various foot pains. "Women were surprised that they went to work for years in heels and other dress shoes," she says, "but now that they are home barefoot, they started to have so many foot problems."

Why do you need arch support?

You might not know it, but what you wear on your feet matters. At Dr. Amy DeGirolamo’s Miami podiatry practice, roughly 75% of patients who come in with foot pain just need better shoes. “Sometimes that’s my entire treatment plan,” she says. “Before we get all crazy with medical studies and diagnostic tests, why don’t we try wearing good slippers with arch support and have you come back in a month?”

Physical therapist Dr. Nick Cutri, founder of MOTI Physiotherapy in Los Angeles, often evaluates shoes for his clients. He tends to ask us some obvious questions. Like when can I get back into high heels after an ankle sprain. “The answer is preferably never,” he said.

When it comes to arch support, the question isn’t whether it’s important, but whether it’s important for you, experts say. If you have high arches, you’re going to want more support, Cutri says.

But if you have low arches, it’s better not to change the ground beneath too much. The key is flexible support and something that’s shock-absorbing. “Is it going to move with them? Or is it just going to hold them in an arched position?” Cutri said. “The arch of the foot is meant to be flexible. If we have something that’s too rigid, it prevents that.”

And if you think picking out comfortable slippers is only important for people with heel pain, flat feet, or bunions. Think again. “Wearing shoes without proper arch support can lead to plantar fasciitis.” DeGirolamo says, which can cause stabbing pains in the sole of your foot. It can also set in motion hip and back pain down the line. “The majority of us feel better with arch support,” she said. “Most people, once they’ve tried arch support, they prefer it.”

What to look for in slippers for arch support?

When purchasing shoes it’s important to consider your feet size and your everyday activities before you buy. But if you have wide feet, make sure you pick out a pair that can accommodate wide widths.

After all, a foot needs space to “splay,” Cutri said. If you're walking 10 miles around Europe, your feet will require different support than running after your kids at the playground. Either way, Cutri says one thing holds true: flip-flops are not going to provide you with enough support.

You can also examine the sole a little bit closer. When DeGirolamo evaluates shoes with patients, she first grabs the sole and tries to fold it in half. “If you can fold it up or curl it up and bend it in half, it’s technically just covering your foot.” she said, “It’s not supporting it.”

DeGirolamo recommends shoppers look at the American Podiatric Medical Association’s seal of approval program. This is about as close to getting a shoe handpicked by a podiatrist as you can get. If you’re ready to get the footbed support you need for all your summer walks, we sourced expert-recommended sandals from Hoka, Amazon, Keen, and more. You’ll find popular brands like Birkenstock and Crocs, along with a few others.

How we choose the best supportive slippers?

Support your arches

This may seem obvious, but Dr. Sutera emphasizes the importance of a shoe that has arch support for the most comfortable fit. If you’re finding even an arch-supporting shoe is causing discomfort, we suggests using an insole like WALKHERO’s orthotics for arch pain, for extra support.

Get cushions

Toss flat, thin, old, and worn shoes that put your foot padding at risk for damage. Instead, Dr. Sutera suggests opting for a well-cushioned shoe with a thicker sole. You’ll know the cushion is right when you feel less pressure on your feet, Dr. Schaeffer adds.

Check for shock absorption

Dr. Sutera suggests a shoe that has shock-absorbing qualities to ease the wear and tear on your feet.

Find your style

Slippers aren’t what they used to be! You can find varieties in moccasins, slides, thongs, loafers, and more. Whether they’re not too thin or flimsy, it’s a good idea to choose a style that fits you best.

Shop The Best Slippers With Arch Support

#1 Men's Canvas Slippers with Arch Support

These podiatrist-designed slippers are biomechanically contoured to support your arch and realign to avoid irregular foot distribution. Orthotic insoles provide anatomical arch support that helps to relieve foot pain and plantar fasciitis. While the faux-fur interior (in black or brown) is extra warm against cold floors. A flexible midsole works to absorb shock while reducing stress on feet, ankles, and knees. Plus, the footbed features as anti-bacterial and odor-resistant for a clean feel. One WalkHero shopper said, “Within a matter of days, my heels no longer ached. My heels and arches were finally pain-free.”

Best Canvas Slippers with Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis

Shop Men's Canvas Slippers with Arch Support


#2 Men's Mesh Slippers with Arch Support

“The Relax Slippers have been a favorite of mine because they have enough wide width, which is very important for anyone with bunions, hammertoes, different width feet, or those with a wide forefoot,” she says. The terry cloth footbed and upper create a comfortable step, helping to reduce fatigue, and it is easily customizable to fit your unique shape. One WalkHero shopper said, “When I do housework, they give me the support for all the required motion I go through. The soft material also warms my feet when it’s cold.”

Best Mesh Slippers with Arch Support for Heel Pain

Shop Men's Mesh Slippers with Arch Support


#3 Men's Suede Slippers with Arch Support

Engineered to enhance comfort and alleviate pain from arthritis, bunions, heel pain, hammertoes, and more, this pick is one of Dr. Schaeffer’s top slippers. They’re designed with premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support, a wide toe-box, cushioned sole with a mild rocker, and an adjustable strap. These slippers are made with a faux fur interior and soft suede leather upper for style, durability, and the soft-to-the-touch comfort you need. One reviewer said, “Best slipper I’ve ever had. Comfortable with support.”

Best Suede Slippers with Arch Support

Shop Men's Suede Slippers with Arch Support


#4 Men's Twill Slippers with Arch Support

Perfect for wearing around the house or stashing in your carry-on bag, these are the ultimate comfort. These slippers are made with a layer of memory foam and a rubber sole for support, a fuzzy sherpa material inside and out for luxurious comfort, and a heel pull tab for easy on and off. One reviewer said, “Great slippers. Very comfortable”

Best Twill Slippers with Arch Support for Back Pain

Shop Men's Twill Slippers with Arch Support


#5 Men's Leather Slippers with Arch Support

The stunning house loafers are designed with vegan apple leather, recycled polyester vegan suede, cork insole, and sugarcane sole that’s good for your feet and the environment. You can effortlessly dress them up or down, they’re easy to slip on and off, and have a lightweight, sneaker-like feel. We love their soft and cozy inside lining and supportive insoles that make them perfect for walking on hardwood and tile floors. One reviewer said, “I love the colors and overall look of the shoes, the way they fit, the sustainable aspect, and the support.”

Men's Leather Slippers with Arch Support for Knee Pain

Shop Men's Leather Slippers with Arch Support


#6 Women's Swift Slippers with Arch Support

Fitting well on medium to narrow feet, these slip-on slippers are ultra-comfy to wear around the house in the winter. The iconic, anatomically-shaped cork-latex footbed keeps you supported, while the genuine shearling inside keeps your feet warm and comfortable during the chilly months. Each slipper is constructed with a deep heel cup, heel mold, interior and exterior longitudinal arch support, transverse arch support, toe grip, and a footbed edge for superior comfort. One reviewer said, “They have great arch support!”

Women's Swift Slippers with Arch Support

Shop Women's Swift Slippers with Arch Support

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