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arch support shoes

What Will the Shoes with Arch Support Design Bring You?

, by Edmond Elsina, 2 min reading time

Best Men's Slippers with Good Arch Support

Did you scream for pain in your soles?
Did you unable to moved due to pain in the soles of your feet?
Did you ever feel hopeless because of pain in your soles?

In daily life, different levels of pain often appear on the soles of the feet for unknown reasons. There may cause the shoes are not suitable.It can because the excessive consumption of a long road in a short time.Or because of the incorrect walking method during walking. Regardless of the cause, there is a tendon strain and wear of the sole muscles. Each injury requires a week or even more to complete self-recovery.

Today I will introduce you to a unique design that is used in our STAR SLIPPERS and loved by our customers, with arch support. It can make people feel the contact between their soles and the ground when wearing shoes. The design of the sole provides you with support points directly, reduces the stress area of the sole, and corrects the stress point of the foot on the ground.

The main function of peoples' arch is to disperse gravity from the ankle joint through the talus to the metatarsal head, and back to the calcaneus, to ensure the stability of the sole support when standing upright. When the body jumps or falls from a height, the elasticity of the arch of the foot plays an important role in buffering shock. When walking, especially when walking for a long distance, the elasticity of the arch of the foot cushions the rhythm between the downward gravity of the body and the rebound force of the ground It also has the effect of keeping the blood vessels and nerves of the foot from compression.

The arch support is a good relief for the fatigue of the soles. When you step on the ground, you will use the arch support structure to complete the full force on the ground. Maybe our shoes will feel a little uncomfortable when you put them on for the first time, but please give it some time and you need to slowly adapt to the design and feel of the new shoes.


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