The best women’s shoes for knee pain make proper posture and a natural gait something you don’t have to think about. Knee pain strikes in the form of dull aches, shooting pain, swelling, and burning sensations. It can be worse in cold weather, after strenuous activity, or last all day, every day.

WALKHERO works with the ortho-fit footbed to put your body in the best position to heal. Patented Foot-Care™ technology hugs your heels, dynamically moving with you to cushion impact and absorb shock. Built-in orthotic insoles are rigid where you need support and soft where you crave relief, which helps reduce the pain associated with knee pain while you don’t have to worry about expensive custom inserts.

No matter the nature of your knee pain, you may find relief by finding the best women's shoes for knee pain and using them in your active lifestyle.


"I have plantar fasciitis and work as a registered nurse so I'm on my feet for long hours at a time. As it said in the informational booklet inside, my knees did hurt on the first day as my body readjusted to the new shoes. The next day, it hurt much less and now I feel no pain anymore. I will definitely look into purchasing another pair again in the future. Yes, it is more expensive than other shoes, but I believe the quality is worth the price and I think it should last me for quite a while. I would rather pay more than have to replace a cheap pair of shoes more often." - Tiffany

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