With long days working on their feet, security guards need comfort features to help them in avoiding feeling awful feet pains at the end of the day. Luckily, our best women's shoes for security guards came with fit contoured footbeds with arch support and superior cushioning which made the experience of walking all day on concrete much easier to handle.

The best way to know you’re about to get shoes for security guards that are protective is by making sure it has a great outsole. And this is exactly what WALKHERO did with these athletic shoes as they came with tractionable rubber outsoles which gave you reliable traction on almost all surfaces. Additionally, our shoes came with a breathable mesh lining which kept your toes and feet fresh and dry on those days when you had to work outside and it was sunny and humid. Top of that, WALKHERO's shoes came with EVA cushioned midsoles which gave the support most security guards need when they have to patrol for 10 hours on hard surfaces without any rest.


"I'm a policewoman with a hammer toe that began giving me serious problems about 5 months ago. I've tried "toe separators" socks with toes, shoe inserts, sandals, and every other possible solution I could find. These shoes are the only thing that has worked. I can walk to the grocery store and back now like I use the soft sponge under my feet." - Belle


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