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"WALKHERO, The World's Best Arch Support Shoes, Like Walking On A Cloud".

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel spurs, and bunions, one of the best ways to prevent additional damage is by investing in high-quality arch support shoes.

When shopping for the perfect shoe to help relieve your foot pain, it’s important to pick a shoe that provides both comfort and support.

At WALKHERO we've got pretty high standards when it comes to comfort, and typical shoes just aren't up to scratch. So we put our heads together and created a line of arch support shoes for plantar fasciitis, these shoes are so comfy and supportive, you'll never want to take them off your feet!


People feel pain relief from plantar fasciitis in 7 days


People get instant relief associated with flat feet


People enhanced comfort and eased bunions pain


People tested walking comfortably 10 miles a day

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Take a look at what some people have been saying about WALKHERO Arch Support Shoes

"I hope anyone who is recommended to get custom orthotics sees this review first! I had severe plantar fasciitis, a bone spur, and a tear in my fascia, and these worked so much better than the $400 custom orthotics! I’m so mad that I didn’t know about this first, the best money I ever spent. If this helps, I am also a nurse who is on their feet for 12 hours a shift and this has helped me in so many ways! I also use them at the gym and in Zumba classes, best support ever! "

-- Elizabeth Kinsey

"Seriously a life changer! I work in a lab and am on my feet 8 hours straight every day. Have developed plantar fasciitis; a stupid word for my feet hurt All the time. I would come home hobbled and barely able to tolerate any weight on my arches, my dog wasn't getting walked and the pain was negatively affecting my quality of life. I can absolutely agree with the review that says they cried tears of pain free joy. I've tried compression socks, padded socks, various orthopedic shoes, and other inserts but these Walk Hero arch support shoes have eliminated the pain completely, I can actually feel a tingling inside of my feet where the tendons seem to be healing. This little review is not nearly enough for what these shoes have meant to me, these are genuine game changers. After work, I can now continue to stay on my feet to walk my dog, play with the cats, shop with friends and dance the night away. Thank you for giving me my life back! "

-- Samuel

"I bought these arch support shoes to see if they would help heal my plantar fasciitis. It’s too early to tell if they will really help with the healing or not, but I can say that they are very cushiony and comfortable. My sore foot feels better in them than in any other shoes I own. I am currently wearing them in the house all the time. I haven’t yet worn them outdoors. I can’t speak to their durability, but I am glad I bought them. "

-- Sid W

"I have plantar fasciitis. Until I got my WalkHero arch support shoes I could barely walk the pain in my heel and foot was so bad. As soon as I put them on and stood up. My feet were free of pain. I immediately felt the support of the structure of the shoes and the cushion of the soul. I have been wearing them daily for 2 months and have been absolutely pain free! I recommend them 100%."

-- Sandradee

"These did the trick. I was miserable, I'm 35 and wake up at 5 am to hit the gym daily, work, chase my kids, and don't get to sit back down until I'm in bed at 10 or later. I'm on my feet ALL day. Got to the point where I was buying expensive shoes, trying anything to fix the pain in my heels. I googled my symptoms and came up with plantar fasciitis (no I'm not a doctor nor did I see one) but my symptoms matched so I searched for the best shoes and seriously thought, "Well maybe it will help a tad but not fix the problem" just a quick get by. I've used them for several months now and the pain is completely gone. If your feet/heels hurt give these a try because they truly saved me. "

-- Kristin

"I've been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a couple of months now and have tried numerous products to little avail. The closest relief I got was from wearing a compression ankle sock, but it was very uncomfortable after long wear and only reduced the discomfort a bit. On a whim, I decided to give these orthopedic shoes a chance and am so thrilled I did. This morning was the first time in months that I didn't wake up with foot pain... It was weird in fact when I got out of bed fully expecting some pain, but none was there. "

-- Goodman

"I bought these to hopefully have a comfortable pair of casual shoes to wear that would also help to heal my Plantar fasciitis which I developed from being a Safeway Checker for approx. a year. Nothing has seemed to help to ease that pain even though I am no longer working as a checker and have a desk job again. I have only been wearing these shoes for about 1 1/2 weeks now, but so far, I am very happy with them. They are very comfortable and if they hold up well, I will be very happy to recommend them. I also do feel that they may be helping to ease the pain in my feet...or at least not adding to it. "

-- Stylishin SJ.

"Short story, my plantar fasciitis is all but gone. Long story- for those of us who have plantar fasciitis you know those first steps are agony. I had tried my old inserts and those were helping but i could not seem to get rid of the pain. I saw these, read the reviews and thought I'd go for it. I'm a nurse, I walk a lot of steps over a lot of hours. These are amazingly comfortable. If there was a down side, they are very soft on the shoe upper, which means I feel less supported. I find them to be a little old lady looking, but under scrubs they're not really noticeable. I probably would not wear them with shorts...if you have plantar fasciitis I DO RECOMMEND this arch support shoes. "

-- Linda Gardner

"I am really happy with these arch support shoes and stopped my foot pain. They ran a little large but they sent innersoles to take up the space and they are perfect now. I wear them almost everyday. I am thinking to get another pair but a regular type of shoe. Then I won't wear tennis shoes with all my wardrobe. The price is a little steep but worth it as they stopped all the foot pain I was having and are very comfortable."

-- Sandee Ferreira

"I am so happy that I bought these shoes! I have terrible feet! Extremely flat-footed, large, and have had many operations on them-bunions, hammer toes and heel spurs-the works! Therefore I am constantly looking for comfort when I buy a arch support shoe. These really ARE great! What do you have to lose? Try them! I just bought a second pair in a different style-I'm a believer!"

-- Richard

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WALKHERO orthopedic shoes deliver excellent arch support without the need for thick inserts or expensive, custom orthotics.

Superior arch support starts with our patented Foot-Care™ technology, which delivers natural cushioning and dynamically hugs your heel with every step.

What is arch support footwear?

Arch supports are devices that are placed into one's shoes to support the arch and diminish or eliminate pain. A foot and ankle surgeon may provide advice on which type is best for your foot type, and you may be able to obtain arch support from the doctor's office or the WALKHERO website.
Who needs arch support?

A normal arch adequately supports your body weight and rolls in slightly as you walk or run. If you work on your feet, live an active lifestyle, or have foot, knee, hip, or back pain – you should try Arch Support.

Can you wear the Orthotics during all daily activities?
  • People who stand or walk all day will benefit from Orthotics.
  • If you suffer from pain during any form of sporting exercise then Orthotics can reduce the pain associated with your condition.
  • For overweight individuals, shoe insoles will help to counteract the extra stress being placed on the feet.
What specific conditions may be helped?
  • Below is a list of all the conditions that Orthotic Insoles can help:
  • Achilles Tendonitis, Corns, Metatarsalgia, Sesamoiditis, Ankle Sprains, Flat Feet, Neuroma, Tendonitis, Arch Pain,
  • Heel Pain, Pronation*, supination*, Top of the foot pain, Bunions, Knee Pain, Shin Pain, Toe Pain
  • Imbalance in your feet can alter the bony structure of your feet and lower legs, foot orthotics may eliminate posture problems and foot and leg pain.
  • *Excessive pronation or supination causes many problems with the feet, legs, knees and hips. Orthotics may prevent injury or deformity from occurring or halt the progression of existing problems and allow healing to occur.
  • Note: These custom made orthotics are not intended for use by people with severe foot deformities, people with ulcers of the feet, or people that have a history of neuropathy of the feet. Please see your podiatrist for prescription only orthotics.
Does it take time to get used to orthotics?
Your feet need time to adjust to the correct biomechanical (walking) position. Orthotics should be gradually used to begin with. During the first 48 hours of use, use the orthotics for approximately 3-4 hours. After this period of time it is recommended you use the orthotics for 6-8 hours. In the second week of use the orthotics can be utilized all day.
Will WalkHero help my condition?
Any person with or without a foot problem can benefit from wearing WalkHero orthotics! It is estimated that over 70% of the population suffer from rolling inwards of the foot and fallen arches (i.e., excess pronation), which is the major contributing factor to foot problems. As we get older this problem often worsens.
In most cases, you will feel immediate relief. In some cases, your feet may need a while to get used to your WalkHeros. Our orthotics support your arch and hold your feet in a healthier position. If you're not used to it, it may feel awkward at first. We know you must be anxious to get comfortable and pain-free, but it's important not to rush it. Feet are delicate structures. Keep using for 1-2 weeks to ensure maximum comfort.

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