15KSTEPS Flat Feet Orthopedic Insoles


Perfect-fit support to your arches. Superior comfort for sensitive feet.

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Made with advanced biomechanics and high-quality materials, this insole provides targeted support and lasting comfort for tired feet, especially for those with deformed arches.

Benefits You’ll Get

Foot Pain Relief: Elevate the inner side of the foot to reduce pressure and relieve arch & heel pain.
Better Foot Stability: Ergonomically designed to properly stabilize the foot and improve body balance.
Unlimited Energy: Improve traction and rebound within the shoes to energize you forward.

Recommended For

Long Walks: Optimize wearing experience and improve mobility.
Stand All Day: Extra arch support enhances stability and balance.
Daily Workout: Boost your performance in Jogging, running, and ball sports.

Best For: Full-volume shoes or shoes with removable insoles, such as walking shoes, running shoes, sneakers, and boots.