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WALKHERO COMFORT AND SUPPORT Insoles provide support and an extra layer of cushioning to absorb shock from working on hard surfaces, which helps reduce muscle fatigue. This helps you feel more energized throughout the day.

The series is full-length, semi-rigid arch support shoe inserts that feature for an unmatched level of support and comfort.

When integrated with the shape and design of the full-length foam, this unique combination creates a deep heel cup for improved natural shock absorption.

The system is designed to exercise and strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the feet - repositioning them to their optimal position. Allowing a more stable, confident, and comfortable step.

We 100% guarantee that you'll benefit from our orthotics, and If your orthotics don’t feel right, we’ll remake them until they fit perfectly, and if you’re not in love with them within 180 days, we’ll refund your money - no questions asked!


1. How long can they last?

In general, it can be used for more than two years

2. How do you clean them? Can you put them in the washing machine?

Clean with warm water. Not machine-wash

3. Do I need to remove the soles of my shoe To replace them with this insole?

Yes, you should better remove

4. What kind of shoes is suitable for these insoles?

The insoles are designed for wider, high-volume shoes, such as work boots, basketball shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes