The best women's hammer toe shoes give your body plenty of space to heal. Hammertoe is a deformity in the middle joint of your toe, which be caused by wearing poorly fitting footwear, people assigned female at birth tend to be more prone to this foot condition.

Hammertoe is marked by an abnormal bend in one of the toes, as a result of an imbalance of the small muscles, tendons, and ligaments that keep the toe straight. As ladies who have them know, it can be painful that this permanently bent toe starts to rub on your shoe, often leading to callouses and corns on the top and bottom of your feet.

When it comes to the best shoe for hammer toe, we know women don’t want to sacrifice style unnecessarily. WALKHERO's range of shoes works best with hammer toes that have a generous toe box. The ample space also helps your body get back into realignment. All of our shoes feature patented Foot-Care™ technology and built-in orthotic insoles to ensure a comfortable fit for your entire foot. Additionally, soft material in the upper of the toe box helps reduce friction from toes rubbing on the top, and a lower heel to ease the pressure.


"I have bunions, hammer toes and 'old age'. These shoes are perfect-the right size, flexible enough. I am a 'walker' and it is important that the shoes are soft enough not to interfere-and again, these meet all the requirements. I am truly delighted; I am ordering another set 'just in case'!" - Nancy E

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