Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition affecting the ball of your foot. It’s caused by a thickening of tissue around a nerve that leads to your toes becoming a swollen nerve bundle that results from irritation and compression of the nerve. The compression causes the nerve to enlarge, which causes the symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma.

Shoes that are poorly fitted or are the wrong type can cause a worsening of the forefoot overloading mechanism, in which metatarsal bones override each other. This is especially likely in women, particularly when walking in narrow, box-toed, high-heeled shoes.

The best women’s shoes for Morton’s Neuroma give your toes plenty of space to spread out while supporting your arches to relieve pressure on the nerve. At WALKHERO's footwear, we build over-the-counter arch supports and custom-molded orthotics into the shoe itself that help relieve irritation by lifting and separating the bones, reducing the pressure on the nerve.

WALKHERO says these styles are the most popular women’s shoes for Morton’s Neuroma.


"I'm 70 years old, but an active outdoors person. My feet have been giving me trouble for more than 10 years. I'm moderately flag footer but that in itself never really gave me a problem. However, about 15 years ago I developed Morton's Neuroma in one foot. Because of this I just can't wear closed shoes for more than 90 minutes. I wear custom orthodox but no matter what brand of style the shoe or boot, I just can't get past 90minutes. Last year I also developed plantar fasciitis. Since I can only wear sandals I eventually went to WALKHERO. They were helpful. It's winter and I want to choose shoes. I have 40 pairs of shoes and can only wear 3 pairs of sandals for any length of time......not a cheap pair in my closet. Enter my Bio fits! I am utterly in shock at the level of relief and comfort they have provided me. I put them on when I get up and take them off when I go to bed. ALL DAY RELIEF and COMFORT!!!!!!!! First time in many years. My second pair arrives tomorrow!" - Carolyn elp

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