Like other healthcare professionals, both male and female nurses often have to work long shifts on the punishing floors found in most healthcare facilities. But finding the perfect shoe for nurses & healthcare is arguably harder than it is for most professions because comfort isn't the only important factor.

And as anyone who spends all day walking on concrete knows, if you're not wearing the right shoes, standing on hard surfaces for 12-hour shifts can lead to all manner of the back, joint, and foot problems. In addition to great arch support, WALKHERO shoes have durable uppers that can handle whatever your shift throws at them and a padded collar that provides plenty of comforts while walking.

In addition, its roomy toe box means your toes won't feel like sardines crammed into a can after a long shift, and it has a slip-resistant outsole that will help you maintain a sturdy grip on the ground. Up top, the 3D-printed breathable mesh upper allows your feet to breathe while keeping the shoes mercifully light, which becomes more important as your shift wears on. In addition, the cushioned insole uses the technology to provide underfoot cushioning and shock absorption, making them great for hospital nurses who log a lot of steps on each shift.

WALKHERO gets our top pick for the best nurse & healthcare shoes.


"I have been a nurse for over 18 years , worked in several areas of nursing and I am astounded how comfortable these shoes are. I have worn ALL the name brands, heavy clunkie, hard, soft, low ,high and these have the best support of any nursing shoes I have ever worn." - Gracey.

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