While good shoes for standing all day can be hard to come by, they never have to be when you shop at WALKHERO. We’ve all been there. Feet burning, back aching, knees starting to give out. It’s been a long day of standing on a hard surface, and you couldn’t find a pair of shoes that lasts.

We want to change the game of comfortable shoes for standing all day. We believe comfort and style can coexist and that you can be on your feet from dawn to dusk without pain.

To create the most comfortable shoes for standing all day, we designed shoes with evenly distributed cushioning, premium arch support, and a deep heel cup. Quality arch support that hugs and supports the contours of your foot can help treat plantar fasciitis and keep you walking for long hours. Shock-absorbing cushions can help absorb impact to protect your bones, joints, and ligaments. A deep heel cup can help support a more healthy alignment in your feet and ankles, which can relieve pressure across the several main joints of your body.

WALKHERO standing shoes help keep you comfortable for even an extra-long shift.


"When I first tried these on I was worried my heel would slip out and they might be too big, but they're perfect! They're so light that even though they're not super tight they fit wonderfully, making them even more comfortable. It's like having happy little clouds on my feet. I work in Healthcare and am on my feet all day so these are a dream come true! Absolutely recommend!!" - Lauren.

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